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Balayage is a French word that means to paint or to sweep. It began at the exclusive Carita salon in Paris in the ‘70s and it was truly revolutionary and created at a time when the industry standard was a frosting cap. (insert crazy face) The ‘80s brought a wave of foil highlights, and during the ‘90s Balayage made its first debut in the U.S., mainly among celebrities. This timeless technique has come back at a whole new level in the fashion world today. Not only is it a natural look, but Balayage won’t leave you with any signs of demarcation, creating a softer and more manageable grow-out. Think low maintenance.

People have been obsessing over this look lately and it’s easy to understand why. This technique is applied to the hair’s surface and it is so amazing because it doesn’t create harsh streaks. Stylists can either apply it with a freehand technique or can use their own version…depending on what works best for your hair.jacksonville-balayage-162 Balayage is definitely a technique that will not go out of fashion anytime soon because of the natural, healthy and gorgeous look it creates for the hair and remember, it works for all hair types!

Right now the most popular color for the Balayage is the “blonde”, which is a great color for the majority of skin tones. Brunettes, redheads, even those with black hair can all take advantage of Balayage as well. Giving dark brunettes swirls of cinnamon or caramel or the ever popular fashion colors, the slightest dimension can make such a difference!Best Jacksonville Balayage

So far everything about this process is wonderful and gorgeous, but there is a false idea going around that you can go from dark brown to a bright blonde in just one process and that is far from the truth! As stylists we wish it was that easy! The process of going lighter can take a few times, depending on how quickly the client’s hair responds, and the kind of color we are working over. It will be different for everyone! This may seem to be more expensive at the beginning, but once your stylist has mastered your desired tone, you can go months without touch up services and still look gorgeous. Fear not ladies, this is not the case for everyone! Most clients can just come on in and walk out the same day with the hair color they have been dreaming of.

Here is one example of a before and after and a third time being the perfect brightness the client wanted.

Balayage Jacksonville

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